The Captain Renaud Foundation was founded to provide immediate financial assistance to Houston Firefighter's families who have lost their loved one in a Line of Duty Death, or have been affected by a catastrophic injury on duty. These are the members we have lost since our foundation began late 2013. Through fundraisers and donations, The Captain Renaud Foundation has been able to assist these families in their darkest hours.

To them we say, Brothers... Always.

Gone but never forgotten.

Firefighter Malcolm Willis 7/13/2022

Firefighter Walter Graves 7/6/2022

Firefighter Jordan Downing 12/2/2021

Engineer Operator Tanner Reed 9/3/2021

Captain William Gunderson 4/2/2021

Arson Investigator Lemuel Bruce Jr. 10/16/2020

Captain Tommy Searcy 9/8/2020

Firefighter Jerry Pacheco 8/3/2020

Captain Leroy Lucio 7/20/2020

Senior Captain Kevin Leago 12/12/2019

Engineer Operator Scott Shaw 10/31/2019

Firefighter Kenneth Stavinoha 9/21/2019

Engineer Operator Herman LaStrape 2/13/2019

Captain Jake Lawson 10/31/2017

Captain William Dowling 3/7/2017

Firefighter Margaret Roberts 1/4/2017

Cadet Steven Whitfield II 3/31/2016

Firefighter Darryl Dave 1/29/2016

Daniel Caballero 5/18/2015

Captain Dwight Bazile 2/21/2015

Firefighter Daniel Groover 7/9/2014